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Denied who I was,
now I’ve forgotten,


and lost track
of a wistful soul;

no idea where to go;
my identity is dead.


Unstable - Anberlin

I would put this in the top 10 of Anberlin’s best songs to date. It’s beautiful in every way imaginable.

I can’t stop thinking about the divers looking for survivors on the Sewol. Dragging hundreds of bodies out of the water…I can’t imagine what they are going through, how their hope must be waning with each victim. How difficult it must be to bring this horrible news to the families.

Pray for the victims. Pray for the families. Pray for the rescue workers and volunteers.


the ceiling drips with apathy,
millimeter streams of numbness

perfect recipe for Death’s growth,
thorned vines climbing up the walls

choking out the life of this house
with sweet whispers of affection

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I want to disappear. Start over. Forget everyone.

There’s a “would you rather” question I heard once. “Would you rather forget everyone you know or have everyone you know forget you?”

Everyone’s already forgotten me. I just wish I could erase them from my memory in return. So that every single time I saw their name or face pop up, I wouldn’t feel so cut up.

No one likes the ugly scars.

Even the very ending can be interpreted in two opposite ways: either Ofelia created a fairy-tale world in her head to escape real life and ultimately committed a form of suicide, or she’s simply an awakened being who saw what the masses bound to the material world cannot see and ultimately completed her process of illumination to become a true immortal. (x)
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